Oak Grove Lutheran - Elementary

School District

Oak Grove Lutheran



Pre-Kindergarten through 5


Average Enrollment:

235 students


Arrival is 8:25 AM

Dismissal is 2:55 PM for Pre-K through 1

3:05 PM for 2 through 5


Existing Conditions

Oak Grove Lutheran Schools is a private Lutheran school district with two locations. The Elementary (southern) location serves Pre-K through 5th grade. It is located approximately 3.5 miles southeast of downtown Fargo in the city’s Stonebridge Neighborhood.


The Oak Grove Lutheran school system was established in 1906. The Elementary is bound by 32nd Avenue S to the north, 27th Street S to the east, residential to the south, and 28th Street S to the west. The school is located in a commercial corridor adjacent to Essentia Hospital.


32nd Avenue S is a high traffic volume roadway with observed high speed traffic. The other roads surrounding Oak Grove Lutheran Elementary are local roadways.


32nd Avenue S has a school speed zone for Ed Clapp Elementary, but the speed zone ends just east of the Oak Grove Lutheran Elementary campus building.


Observed Circulation & Challenges

The Oak Grove Lutheran Elementary campus is very small and lacks bike parking and multiple sidewalk connections. In particular, separated and raised spaces for pedestrians are missing in both the north and south parking lots. Staff provides traffic control in the south parking lot during drop-off and pick-up to allow students and families to cross the driving loop.


The intersection of 32nd Avenue S and 27th Street S is wide with high traffic volumes and drivers were observed speeding along the corridor. The median is not wide enough to act as a pedestrian safety island. Additionally, the crossing is not marked by signage, nor crosswalk markings.


Kirsten Lane, which leads to the school from the east lacks sidewalks on both sides of the roadway.


Opportunities for Improvement

Though few students were observed walking and biking to Oak Grove Lutheran Elementary, it is important to provide comfortable spaces for people to do so if they wish. Making connections across the two parking lots is a high impact opportunity, as well as creating shorter crossings and more visibility across 27th Street S.


Improving the crossing of 32nd Avenue S at 27th Street S should be explored as more students and families consider the possibility of walking and biking to Oak Grove Lutheran Elementary.


Suggested Safe Route To School


This map was designed to illustrate suggested routes to school for students based on existing infrastructure. Metro COG is not liable for anyone that uses this map.


Last Updated: February 2020