The Policy Board is Metro COG's executive decision making body.
The Transportation Technical Committee (TTC) advises the Policy Board on technical matters associated with Metro COG's work activities and mission and on specific transportation planning issues.
The Metropolitan Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee meets to discuss the issues and needs facing the walking and bicycling public.
The GIS committee discusses GIS data needs, sharing, and standardization throughout the Metropolitan Planning Area.
This working group meets to discuss and coordinate traffic operations in the region.
The committee meets to discuss Metro COG’s plans and programs targeting freight in the region.

Metro COG staff participate in the committees below, but the COG does not operate the committees

The Metro Area Transit (MAT) Coordinating Board is responsible for providing a coordinated public transit system within the Fargo-Moorhead Metropolitan Area.
The Cass Clay Food Commission meets bi-monthly and is tasked with identifying ways to improve access to healthy, safe, local, and affordable food for residents in the Fargo-Moorhead Metropolitan Area.