Metro COG Policy Board

The Policy Board is Metro COG's executive decision making body. 


The board performs three primary functions. First, the board reviews and approves all of Metro COG's work activities, budgets, bills, etc. Second, the board discusses transportation issues affecting the metropolitan area. The multi-jurisdictional nature of the Policy Board provides the forum in which many of the inter-jurisdictional projects accomplished in the Fargo-Moorhead area get their start; inter-jurisdictional transportation issues are frequently handled from start to finish by the Policy Board. A third and extremely important function of the Policy Board is their endorsement of policies to other governing bodies. Because Metro COG is representative of the metropolitan area and its Policy Board made up of elected officials and planning officials, Metro COG is able to submit comments and request to the North Dakota and Minnesota State Legislatures and Departments of Transportation and the US Congress and Department of Transportation on behalf of the local municipalities. These efforts allow the local governments to support each other in their endeavors to improve their communities and ensure that the needs of the Fargo-Moorhead area are voiced at the higher levels of government.

Metro COG is comprised of 16 voting members who represent the metropolitan planning area, and establish overall policy direction for all aspects of the area wide planning program. The Policy Board consists of at least three-quarters elected officials, and each jurisdiction's voting power is based on its approximate share of the area's population.


Duane Breitling
Cass County Commission


Jenny Mongeau
Clay County Commission


Amanda George
West Fargo City Commission

John Gunkelman 
Fargo Planning Commission

Chuck Hendrickson
Moorhead City Council

Denise Kolpack
Fargo City Commission

Julie Nash
Dilworth City Council

Ryan Nelson
Moorhead City Council

Brad Olson
West Fargo City Commission

Dave Piepkorn
Fargo City Commission

Arlette Preston
Fargo City Commission

Rocky Schneider 
Fargo Planning Commission

John Strand
Fargo City Commission

Thomas Schmidt
Fargo Planning Commission

Jeff Trudeau
Horace City Council

Deb White
Moorhead City Council

Aaron Murra
NDDOT, Fargo District (Ex-Officio Member)

Shiloh Wahl
MnDOT, District 4 (Ex-Officio Member)


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