US10/US75 Corridor Study

Moorhead, MN

The Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT), Fargo-Moorhead Metropolitan Council of Governments (Metro COG), MATBUS, and the City of Moorhead are undertaking a study that will identify the vision for two important routes through Moorhead, US 10 and US 75.


Purpose of the Study:


The study will develop context-sensitive solutions for the corridors that balance the needs of the City of Moorhead with area stakeholders and users in order to develop corridor masterplans along US 10 and US 75 that build consensus, provide a safe environment for all users, guide future studies, and set the framework for the Minnesota Department of Transportation’s 2025 reconstruction project.




  • Roadway needs to fit land use (i.e., appropriate access and design)
  • Accommodate appropriate users (i.e., complete streets)
  • Create an environment to stimulate growth
  • Provide flexibility for near- and long-term transportation needs
  • Improve “Gateway” feel for US 10 and US 75 corridors
  • Develop and execute a project that meets the needs for 30+ years

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