Cass Clay Food Commission

The Cass Clay Food Commission meets bi-monthly and is tasked with identifying ways to improve access to healthy, safe, local, and affordable food for residents in the Fargo-Moorhead Metropolitan Area. Efforts take into account different practices and infrastructure involved in food including growing, harvesting, processing, packaging, transporting, marketing, eating, and disposal/waste. Members of the public are encouraged to attend meetings to share their ideas, thoughts, and/or concerns related to improving/strengthing the local food system. 

Find out more about the Cass Clay Food Commission here.


Arland Rasmussen
Cass County Commission


Adam Altenburg
Metro COG

Jim Aasness
Dilworth City Council

Bukola Bakare
At‐Large Member 

Nancy Carriveau
At‐Large Member

Heidi Durand
Moorhead City Council   

Mindy Grant
At‐Large Member 

Representative from
Horace City Council

Jenny Mongeau
Clay County Commission 

Chris Olson
At‐Large Member 

Kayla Pridmore
At‐Large Member 

John Strand
Fargo City Commission

Mike Thorstad
West Fargo City Commission

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