Project Background


The 12th Avenue South corridor is an important east-west transportation corridor through the City of Moorhead, currently running from River Drive to past 40th Street, near Horizon Middle School. Beyond Moorhead’s city limits, the corridor continues on to MN 336, an important linkage connecting Hwy 10 and I-94. The roadway has several functional classifications including local, collector, and minor arterial; with traffic volumes ranging from 285 AADT to 5,505 AADT. 

From River Drive to 18th Street, the corridor is bordered by predominantly low-density single-family housing, with areas of institutional development. The corridor bisects Concordia College from 5th Street to 11th Street, which is an important pedestrian hub with a student population of over 2,500. Other institutional properties abut 12th Avenue along the north side from 14th to 16th Street (a former elementary school) and from 17th to 18th Street (a church).

From 18th Street to 20th Street, the corridor abruptly transitions from single-family homes to multi-family apartment buildings. A higher concentration of environmental justice communities is present in this area. Beyond 20th Street to Main Avenue, the corridor is predominantly industrial, with an at-grade crossing of the BNSF Railroad (one mainline and 4 spur tracks) just east of 20th Street. There is also an at-grade crossing of the Otter Tail Valley Railroad just east of Main Avenue.

The corridor is bisected by two one-way pairs, including 4th and 5th Streets and 11th and 14th Streets. The corridor also intersects 8th Street/Hwy 75, a trunk highway and principal arterial approaching 20,000 AADT.