Veterans Boulevard Corridor Extension Study


Veterans Boulevard is a prevalent north-south roadway collecting and conveying traffic in the southwest area of the Fargo-Moorhead Metro Area.  In addition to vehicular traffic, Veterans Boulevard provides bicycle users and pedestrians a means of transportation and recreation with its mix of sidewalks and shared use paths along the corridor. Today Veterans Boulevard terminates at 52nd Avenue South in Fargo. 

With significant growth in this southwest area of the Metro, extension of major roadways to the south will be necessary to provide transportation to and from new and future businesses, residences, and amenities.  An extension of Veterans Boulevard could also help alleviate traffic on other parallel north-south roadways such as Sheyenne Street/CR 17 and 45th Street. Both Metro COG’s 2016 Southwest Metropolitan Transportation Plan and Metro COG’s 2019 Metropolitan Transportation Plan have identified the need for roadway expansion and connectivity in this area of the Metro.



The objective of this study is to:

  • Detail conditions in the study area that would determine the feasibility of extending Veterans Blvd south of 52nd Ave S

  • Determine how the facility will meet the needs of the future transportation system in the southwest growth area by analyzing roadway alternatives

  • Develop a vision for the corridor in consultation with regional stakeholders and the public

  • Analyze current and future intersection operations, with emphasis on the segment between 40th Ave S and 52nd Ave S

  • Utilize the Fargo-Moorhead Area travel demand model in determining future vehicular traffic projections along Veterans Blvd

  • Analyze future east/west connectivity to/from the corridor, including an alternative for a drain crossing that would provide a westerly connection to Deer Creek neighborhood

  • Identify alternatives that would overcome obstacles to the roadway’s extension

  • Develop planning level cost estimates for each roadway alternative


The Veterans Boulevard Corridor Extension Study began in May 2020 and was completed in January of 2022.  The Study was then approved by Metro COG's Policy Board in March of 2022.