Fargo Transportation Plan RFP

Posted: 1/7/2021

Responses due: 1/29/2021


In recent years, the City of Fargo has implemented varying types of roadway infrastructure, especially intersection treatments.  The City of Fargo would like the Transportation Plan to provide clear guidance on when to implement certain design features and access management policies, designate a local functional classification network to aide in land use/infrastructure decisions, have realistic descriptions on the purpose and functionality of roadway types, set expectations for system users (make sure that infrastructure is developed in a cohesive manner with similar characteristics), incorporate visions for corridors to be used when reconstruction occurs, and Identify and illustrate concepts that can be implemented by the situations to which they are best suited. City maps, diagrams and illustrations are expected to take this guidance from the macro scale to the micro scale, transitioning from city-wide designations, to specific applications appropriate on certain types of facilities.


The objective of this study is twofold. First, this study is to provide a highly illustrated “playbook” for everyday use by Fargo staff, policy-makers and the development community in a format that simplifies the review and decision-making process relative to the city’s multi-modal transportation infrastructure. Facilities and operations should be addressed as they pertain to:
·         Development review and new infrastructure,
·         Redevelopment and resulting infrastructure changes, and
·         Reconstruction of existing facilities.
Secondly, the Fargo Transportation Plan shall pull together and distill existing citywide and extraterritorial transportation infrastructure policies, plans, practices, and maps into one document. The intent is for the Fargo Transportation Plan to be the go-to reference for Fargo’s existing transportation planning policy due to its ease of use and refinement of dispersed information into a unified document. The plan must:
·         Incorporate the principles of GO2030
·         Improve consistency in the way terms are used – i.e. solidify the nomenclature used in GO2030 and other city policies
·         Provide transportation-related guidance for subdivision review (process, policies) – similar to the function of a municipal master plan, as discussed within Chapter 40-48 of the North Dakota Century Code
·         Help to rectify competing or conflicting policies
·         Tie to related land-use and development standards & policy
The Fargo Moorhead region has experienced very fast-paced growth, which has resulted in a significant expansion of the built environment.    A lot of planning effort has gone into visioning how Fargo can grow in a livable manner, while still maintaining the ability to easily traverse the larger community.  The consultant will need to envision ways to implement this policy direction and specifically identify areas and ways this can be completed.
The consultant will work through differences in departmental concerns, provide an experienced point of view on best practices, and develop concepts and recommendations that consider the concerns of multiple City of Fargo Departments.  Ultimately, the draft and final document is expected to culminate in a playbook that the City of Fargo and its regional partners can use as the preeminent illustrated guide for policy implementation and decision making.






Project Contact Information


Michael Maddox



Fargo-Moorhead Metropolitan Council of Governments
Case Plaza, Suite 232
1 - 2nd Street North
Fargo, ND 58102